Midnight Thoughts

It’s true.

They say, memories never fade

But names and faces do.


Along with every trouble too.


Start of the week

Start of a new me?

I could only wish so.


For tomorrow I must go back,

into my cave of disdain and despair

Reject the world at its face value

Vandalise all that was gleaming in the sun’s rays

With my fickle brush.


I ache for a smile, a hug

a friend.


But I got none.


Out here, in the streets

Midnight floods over from the east

Brings about the lonely saviour.

The bitter cool wind,

summoning goose bumps upon my skin.


Forever and a day

I long for this sweet breath

To take all of this away

To finally sleep.


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About kimstilllivesathome

I'm a full time uni student. I have no social life and I have a bleak outlook on everything. Also, slightly lactose intolerant. Poems, maybe some rants and the occasional ramble.

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