floorboards, pt. 1 (retrospect regret)

Between the grooves in the floorboards

Lies a hallowed treasure

Stories, memories, dreams that could transform a world


My world.


I never used to be caught up in these rushing tides

Dragging me further and further from the shoreline

But it did. Sometimes you can only wet your feet once

Chance the tides, dance upon them and before you know it

you’ve lost ten months.


Then they devastate your dreams.

They decimate your pride.

But they never, ever let you hide.


And yeah, maybe I was a little different

A little too soft, a little too sensitive

Maybe I was easily provoked

and never managed my anger well

But that’s okay. Now.

Because you were wrong.


To put me down and drag my face across the Earth

Force your beliefs through my head, brainwash me till I was deaf

Deaf to all the face surrounding me, blind to everything that was happening

Turned a cheek to all your wrongs, forced to bow down to your God

While you stood there raking the cash, raking the soil

Education isn’t cheap, without a little bit of toil

But what did you teach, or what was it that you preached?

The words of hate and discrimination? From fiction, facts were imitated


Smile on.

That’s all you did

Sing songs praising your Lord.

Hell, I never wanted to be in your institution

But you pretended as if I needed to be included


Like I was a misguided little brat

Sinking ever faster into the sand

But I was never that, never the one to give a damn

But all that changed when you gained the upper hand

I gave up all use of my brain

Cut down to the bare grains

Shackled to an early grave

Believing I was never tamed.


But now, now is too late

To change my perspectives,

To change all of my ways

No longer an individual

I’m on the side, just residual.




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About kimstilllivesathome

I'm a full time uni student. I have no social life and I have a bleak outlook on everything. Also, slightly lactose intolerant. Poems, maybe some rants and the occasional ramble.

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