Illuminated by the streetlights, glistening through the window
The dim, neon, green passes my face; casts an ugly shadow
I expected so much from the promised lands.
I only got stones.

This is not the birthday I thought it would be.

I saw the tears where there was gold,
I was the only one to fold
But they; they see the wonders the world may hold
I see the death, the dust,
the seeds that failed to grow.
Collecting them in the grooves in the sole of my shoes
Embedded deep, as I walk the lonesome road

Some days I see the rainbows, some nights
the dancing stars in the sky
I can feel the sunlight, the rays of life
But also the clouds above my eyes
Swirling and rumbling, shrouding my mind
Suffocating my dreams, killing my time

This is not the birthday I thought it would be.

The unsettled air ruffles past me with a low drone
As I lay in the dark, I hear a whistle. But I’m all alone.
I awake, eyes open. It’s the afternoon.
The humidity blankets me, then chokes…
I feel the heat radiate off the bricks and through my window.
Oh, how the summer brings me down so quickly

Bringing about these sobering thoughts into my frail head
That flood in sporadically, erratically, with no warning at all
It’s a depressant and a motivator, but I easily forget
The deeper meaning from that motivating thought

This is not the birthday I thought it would be.

I don’t know why I have this strange affliction
To write about the unkind and the barely written
To revel in the beauty of a washed out thought
And to stay in the valleys, under shadows I walk
Or to feel the joy when I feel such pain
And to walk through a path that’s littered with rain
While soaked to the bone in my useless coat
I feel eyes stare back in this wilderness I roam.

As I smile in fear as the dawn approaches,
The light that brings tears slowly encroaches.

This is not the birthday I thought I’d wake up to see


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About kimstilllivesathome

I'm a full time uni student. I have no social life and I have a bleak outlook on everything. Also, slightly lactose intolerant. Poems, maybe some rants and the occasional ramble.

2 responses to “Unattended”

  1. tonycarlucci says :

    Beautiful, Very well written

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