Office, 5 p.m.

Whisper, lend me your ears

Don’t speak, let the silence utter its peace

Let the dim of the neon, warm your senses

and the cool glow, ruffle your feathers

Buzz. Your ears prick up at the murmur

the low droning hiss of the lights grows and furthers;

increasing, swirling with pastels and dreamy lights

The clock clicks and reality floods your mind.


Six fifty-three.

Staring back is the devil in Prada.

Those eyes, piercing through the glass.

“Why do I still have that photo?” You wonder,

as stars shimmer a reflection off your desk

your eyes twinkle as they flicker through gaps in the mess


It’s been a while since you both cried wolf

Been a while since you howled at the moon

Sat alone, thoughts to yourself

Pots boiling over as she cleans out the shelves

Books flying here and there

As the high pitched hiss of the pan shows its flares


One more night you say, over and over again

No more pride to hide, no more pressure to pretend

Resting your knees on the carpet in a silent protest

You repeat a prayer, a prayer in ever earnest

May the nights pass quickly, may the days fall sickly

I hold with bated breath the yellow pads sent immediately


There are only white trails and its residues

The one love you had, is the one you’ll rue



burnt to the ground.

A shivering pile of dirt you say

A quivering cake of emotions you lay.

The hit of reality caught you out

Your puzzled boss glares, gaping mouth

“You’re a mess, go home, get some rest.

Everyone suffers, but it’s all just a test.”




Lights out.


– KS


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About kimstilllivesathome

I'm a full time uni student. I have no social life and I have a bleak outlook on everything. Also, slightly lactose intolerant. Poems, maybe some rants and the occasional ramble.

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