Archive | January 2013

The End?

What if this was your last day?

What would you do? What would you say?
Would you run up the highest mountain?
Would you swim in the city fountains?
Or would you lay with me?

Would you dance in the city square?
Waltz to a marching fare?
Jump from chair to chair?
Or would you curl up in despair?

I am your light, I am your bane
You fight it, but no one gains
The upper hand is gone
The last floor is what we’re on


– KS



And so another year begins…

There’s nothing to celebrate, there’s nothing to parade.
Pack up all your banners, pack up all your charades
Nineteen years down and I’m still living the same way
And they keep asking me, “When are you going to change?”

Forget it, I’m paranoid of the smallest things
Keep worrying over the most useless shit
Forget it, it’s already too late
Forget it, I’m damned to stay insane

Another year, another day older, what’s different?
A step closer to death and a different face to inspect.
Change eyes, look out of mine, see the world crumbling to shame
See the bridges I built and the footprints I left, all rot away
And if you think that’s cynical, then try not to be hypocritical
As you try to prove your point and pretend to be political

Shit, you got lucky but wait it ain’t so funny
Life isn’t just about crossing your t’s


– KS